FB_IMG_1488479038948I’m in a trade whereby, you can actually choose to turn to anabolic steroids to help enhance your physique or maintain it. Or in most cases where you choose to stick to protein shakes and calories strictly to help enhance your look a body, which is very much okay.

I’ve been able to witness people who use Anabolics get into conflict with people who don’t, the all-natty (non – steroid users) labeling the non-natty (steroid users) as lazy, rude and full of themselves, and non-natty in turn call this other guys posers, stereotypes and wannabes. This is definitely not something new in bodybuilding, it’s a conflict that has been there since enhancements were first manufactured. Question is, who is actually right? Who should we (we who want to Kickstart our careers in bodybuilding) follow and listen to??! Is it okay to label one another? To disrespect each other like that?! NO, IT’S NOT OKAY!

I consider a bodybuilder to be amongst  hardest working people on the planet (you definitely know that we have to work really hard) whether natural or not natural, we all have to work damn hard to grow, and to grow more, I mean who doesn’t! Right?! But the moment, your happen to disregard someone’s effort because they are using drugs to enhance their physique, or are not using roids, you cease to be to bodybuilder, you become a shame to the trade, you become lost an lose all inner purpose, you lose the vision you  held on to so dearly when you began, you lose your understanding of bodybuilding. What, thus should be our response when confronted with such a situation??!

Think before you speak, be wise about it. A gentle response turns away wrath.

Bodybuilding is not about competing with others about who has the best body parts or how much you can lift for how many reps. Very much not so! You can’t control how others look, whether they are better than you or not, but you can control  how you look, think, behave and even the choices you make,and basically that’s all that matters. You matter.

Bodybuilding and the use of Anabolics go hand in hand in most cases, but our goals and choices are different, whatever choice and goal someone has RESPECT IT!! And you shall know peace..


Be kind..


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