12095659There are honestly not so many blogs about bodybuilding.Blogs about bodybuilding  that are up close and personal that when you read them you feel as if they are talking to you directly,telling you that’s its gonna be okay and you are gonna realize that dream in your heart that you’ve had in your heart for a long time now.the type of blog that will tell you and remind you that “thoughts become things but you have to put in the work”.

I promise to do my best to tell it as it is,straight up facts and as we learn together,we are growing to grow together,for the moment you stop learning you stop growing.

Im out to change someones perspective out there,not only in this sport,but across all walks in life in general.for there is more to bodybuilding than meets the eye,there is a higher calling (you better believe me) otherwise i would have given up along time ago.

i have set out to learn some more,more of what lies ahead and how to use and utilize what i have because one day ill not be able to and like many,ill end up cursing myself on my deathbed.

my good friend Wallace constantly reminds me to go all in when i can and to take it easy when i cant,never loosing focus,eyes on the prize always ,doing it like your life depends on it,says my favorite lady bodybuilder Renee,or being aware of the kind of energy you are attracting all around you,says the strongest ,yet the most kindest person Ive ever met,Sheetal..

learn with me,discover and endeavor to be a greater person than the one you were yesterday..

Bodybuilding liberates


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