IMG_20170220_104404i’m not what you’d refer to as an accomplished bodybuilder,i’m not under any sort of sponsorship from a fancy supplement company (but i’d like to,i mean who wouldn’t)mentally,i consider myself among the most accomplished bodybuilders on the be honest it hasn’t really been easy,in fact I’ve suffered before i saw and see any progress .I’ve cried, I’ve wanted to commit suicide more than once and all,though I’m glad i did not.i mean,life tends to become somehow complicate when n you’ve never seen your pop,don’t know where your next meal will come from and your mamma take pills and is working two jobs.i started bodybuilding with a very different intention from most guys who start this ,i wasn’t doing this to get laid or to get with the girls ,no,not at all,i was doing this as a form of THERAPY.i was lost and i needed help,i needed someone to support me ,to help me cope with my problems and all and bodybuilding was just perfect.truth is,i had thought of drugs ,but having been brought up beside my granny,i knew better than this.

it was in this form of therapy that a light was ignited and a dream was call a dream,but i like to think of it as a desire,i desired to improve ,to be better,bigger,to move faster ,lift heavier,and maybe if i trained some more id get rid of my problems entirely because thus far into training ,i found out that i coped better with my problems, the disciplined gained from lifting transcended right into my life and i never did things half-assed ever again.

sounds awesome right? problems solved!! not just yet the problems really started when decided to start,biggest decision I’ve made,in fact consider it to be one the biggest leaps of faith I’ve made.i mean i knew nothing about bulking and cutting,supplements or even anabolics but here i was,ready to take on a national qualifier championships.(funny thing is i don’t regret it at all),i barely got past pre judging (on an empty stomach),but as i left the place thinking about how ill get home and pay off the money i had borrowed to pay he registration fee,i was never the same again..

i become god friends with a guy called Charles.we shared the same dream and desire and did what we could to help each other out to make that dream a reality.(it was Charles that actually gave me my first small can of creatine,I’ve never and will never forget that)Charles was like the brother i never heard ,i mean he showed me tips,tricks and fitness hacks that i never thought,Charles was THE brother ,i mean,my whole family thought and still thinks bodybuilding is a waste of time,never supported me one bit ,i ha to believe in myself more and Charles filled in the family part,he became and still is family.he taught me how to surround myself with people with the same dream as me,with the same ambitions as me and success would be a guarantee..
as i write this this I’m seven weeks into cutting before another national qualifier at the western side of Kenya,I’m in Tip Top condition and shape,but still not sure if ill make there due to financial constraints and all (but hey,faith comes in handy at such times). Charles will be participating in the male physique category too I’m hoping he will,we haven’t really talked about it)
i hope to turn pro one day because you never let adversaries steal your dream,EVER!!no excuses! NO COMPROMISE!!
its been five years now and i still dream of greater things to come…

thoughts become things..



  1. Kevin,
    Wow! this was beautiful, learning about your struggles and having you share what keeps you from dying but how close you came to death. Bodybuilding is expensive I have been told and while nothing in life ever seems free, it is worth the cost, the gains and losses to become something that no one ever thought you could. Hell, my mom laughed when I told her i would be graduating in exercise science to be a personal training instead of a physical therapist. I don’t think my family realizes my dream either but they will and everyone around me will see me succeed in my time. I have been wanting to try bodybuilding as well, but I also want to go back to CrossFit, like you finances set me back at times, especially since I have other priorities like taking this costly exam BUT i know we can do this, we both can 😀


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