it is a common misconception that bodybuilders,both male and female are a just a bunch dumb meat heads who just “lift weights up and out them down”,before you say anything,yes ,we do lift weights up and put them down since we are after hypertrophy,but then you must realize that again ,bodybuilding is multifaceted,resourceful,and very ambirayshawndextrous.
understand that this is the quest for the most perfect man ,not the most massive man,this perfect man is a combination of classical symmetry proportion and mass.achieving this not a one time thing but rather,its progressive,each time you learn something new.Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed and said,”it was after my seventh Olympia that i realized that i didn’t know anything about bodybuilding” .IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski adds in that”the moment you stop learning ,you stop growing”

what I’m trying to say is,it takes lot of knowledge and application of that knowledge to actually make progress in this beloved trade of don just wake up and guzzle down anything in sight as you prepare to leave for the gym,you don just get in the gym and start moving the weight from point A to B,NO!!!..YOU MUST THINK BEFORE YOU TRAIN,EAT AND .
Proper nutrition ,supplementation,recovery,training consistency discipline,meal timing,proper use of anabolics,knowing when to stop,take it easy and go all in comes in handy,correct kind of attitude,and having to face the fact that you’ll be admired ,criticized,get injured is quite a lot to digest and comprehend for some meathead or bro-scientist,or fuckboy,o gym hoe.i believing in going all the way in ,even when circumstances are against you,motivated the bodybuilding success stories you get to read or even witness,because having what it takes ,requires you to know what it takes and making sure you stick by it.everyone who walks into a gym with an intention to build muscle and burn fat through proper training and nutrition,is qualified to be a bodybuilder,but very few people get to live up to it,very few people get t make the title count.
Don’t label a bodybuilder dumb,or simply just anyone dumb till you walk an a mile in their shoes.





      1. Yes… I do. What I mean is there are “dumb people” across all walks of life and geographic locations…

        So what do I get for being that (dumb) person to say it? πŸ˜‰


  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support and look forward to reading more about bodybuilding, I enjoyed this post. because it is very true, bodybuilders and any other athletes are not always dumb, just because lift weights and make huge deals about it sometimes.



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